Difesa Cane Corso is located in Boones Mill, Virginia in the mountains that surround Roanoke, Virginia.
We are currently building our program by choosing Corsi from around the world. Our focus is on a strong, confident, working Cane Corso without sacrificing conformation. A working Corso must be strong with structure designed to withstand hours of work for years to come. For a performance Cane Corso to be successful, only the most sound conformation is acceptable.
We offer the correct Corso temperament - loving and endearing with family and fierce and protective when threatened, but not fearful of the strange and new. Our Corsi show strong working drive. We work all of our Corsi in IPO (formerly Schutzhund). These are qualities that are required for our breeding program and we work hard to prove our new prospects are balanced and correct in temperament as this is a must.
Our Cane Corso breeding dogs must show strengths in working aptitude, stability, character, and structure. We choose to prove the quality of our dogs with multiple certifications from OFA, PennHip, and temperament evaluations with the American Temperament Test Society and AKC's Canine Good Citizen test. We have proven that a well bred dog can and will excel in conformation as well as in the working arena. We are breeding for the breed's original purpose as being a utility dog or 'Renaissance Dog' and still an active member of the family. Our dogs live in our home with us and not out in a kennel or on a chain. They are taken with us everywhere from parades to the local hardware store. The Corso's athletic and formidable appearance is eye catching and not soon forgotten, this is something we strive to uphold.
Take a look at what we have to offer with our Corsi, you will not be disappointed.

Superior Conformation

Correct Corso Temperament

a True Renaissance Dog
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